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    In between chewing.

    A long long time ago, I used to write these weekly round-up posts which I called ‘eat & read’ . They were more useful to me, than to readers, it was a place which I linked to pieces I bookmarked. I’ve always wanted to resurrect that series of posts, much breezier to write, because it was not shackled by subject matter. Not ...

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  • Photography by Kang L
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    Otto Pizza : The Corn Rules.

    And so the legend came to pass, that Otto would become the very first pizzeria in London to crust with cornmeal. Purists (and Italians) will balk at the mention of this heretical abomination, even though the cornmeal base (polenta) is more Chicagoland than Neopolitan. There is no oily, tear resistance, wood-fired sponge in this pizza, rather, one will find that the base ...

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  • Photography by Kang L
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    Polpetto: Strike two.

    You would have most likely read about Russell Norman’s new opening on other blogs, or probably were amongst those who went to Polpetto’s first week of launch. Well if you are a Polpo fan, then you’ll be familiar with much of the Venetian inspired bacaro concept, now transported to the upper floor of a pub, The French House, in Soho. Except the ...

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    L’Anima : The Intriguing Soul.

    I must confess, I feel pressure writing up my visit to L’Anima, because as you know, Francesco Mazzei’s Soul in the city is the gastronomic darling which has had critics, blogs and people who are generally interested in food, cooing in unison. As the consummate restaurant collector living ...

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  • Photography by Kang L
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    Sushi of Shiori: Three times the charmer.

    I swear, this is the last time I’m posting photos from a meal at Shiori…. so good…. So I believe I’ve tried everything on the Shiori menu now (not the tonkatsu or kaarage) , this set of photos are from my 3rd visit, and I’ve been four times. The canape sushi at £23 deserves your attention, however if you are spoilt by ...

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  • East Side Inn Bistro : The Kitchen
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    Eastside Inn: Love just ain’t enough.

    Having to update my list of favourites is the least of my worries, and this is probably the only time, in my time as a blogger, that I feel devastated enough to compel me to write a few words about the closing of a restaurant, and the factors which surround it, ...

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  • Photography by Kang L
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    Mindong, Taiwan: The Korean Connection

    Everybody loves Korean food no? The burning red chilli paste, the lively sting of properly fermented kimchi, the hot, hot soups. Mmm, as I’m sure many of you have already done, like me, you’ve been frequenting Koba to top-up on the kimchi pancake cravings. ...

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    The Dogs, Edinburgh : Ramsden Bravura

    Ahh… smell the shit and seaweed in the air. That’s the smell of the fresh summer seaside breeze, the stench of highly oxygenic and smog-free air, something which I was assured time and again is duly absent in the vestiges of London. I hope you will forgive my brief absence from this blog, as I am still only just recovering from the ...

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