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  • Malaysian Night at Trafalgar Square, 2010.
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    Malaysian night Trafalgar Square, lessons learnt?

    [st width=660 height =440 showtext=on textbgcolor=#0000 wmode=window] [note: you’ll need flash to view the slideshow above] Tsk, tsk… Malaysian Night – the very first of its scale – at Trafalgar Square was suppose to replicate a Pasar Malam or Night Market, but it fell way short of what many had expected. You can readCatty’s immediate reactions ...

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  • Photography by Kang L
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    Trullo : High Italian in Islington.

    By now you’ll have tried and failed to book a table at Trullo, the latest budget conscious, laid-back, Italian inspired restaurant to open and to become over-subscribed, in London. Owned by Jordan Frieda, once the front of house at River Café, and chef Tim Siadatan, ...

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  • Photography by Kang L
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    Broadway Market : Food on Film

    London is blessed with many a handsome weekend market, all of which are worth a visit. The beauty is that food is sometimes incidental, at Broadway for instance, antiques and boutiques have their rightful stalls in the market as well. It makes for a wonderful atmosphere, ...

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  • Photography by Kang L
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    Tosa : Yakitori caught on film

    I’ve always thought about upgrading (or downgrading depending on where you stand) the photography on this blog to film-based rather than digital, but after visiting 300 or so restaurants with the Nikon D700, it’s hard to it put. Digital is just so, ...

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  • Photography by Kang L
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    Rochelle Canteen: The other nose to tail eatery.

    I’ve been to the Boundary Estate before, and this was during one of the many illuminating photowalks with Garson Byer, he who makes striking portraits of those he encounters on the streets. Particularly around this part of East London, where enough of the historic architecture ...

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  • Photography by Kang L
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    St John Bread & Wine: The True Paragon.

    How can you not enjoy reading about Fergus Henderson. His books, Nose to Tail Eating, and the companion follow-up Beyond NTT, I gather, have become necessary volumes in the canon of British cooking. I haven’t read the 2nd one, and I would love for him to autograph a copy for me. Yes, it’s geeky, but in the world of a lowly restaurant ...

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  • Great Queen Street
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    In between chewing.

    A long long time ago, I used to write these weekly round-up posts which I called ‘eat & read’ . They were more useful to me, than to readers, it was a place which I linked to pieces I bookmarked. I’ve always wanted to resurrect that series of posts, much breezier to write, because it was not shackled by subject matter. Not ...

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  • Photography by Kang L
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    Otto Pizza : The Corn Rules.

    And so the legend came to pass, that Otto would become the very first pizzeria in London to crust with cornmeal. Purists (and Italians) will balk at the mention of this heretical abomination, even though the cornmeal base (polenta) is more Chicagoland than Neopolitan. There is no oily, tear resistance, wood-fired sponge in this pizza, rather, one will find that the base ...

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