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    Newsletter 10

    Newsletter No.5: Catch The London Sushi Train

    Sushi bingeing. The final frontier. The unquestionably orgasmic delight of popping dollop after dollop of a food of an unrelentingly elegant design; low in fat, high in umami, arguably, an invention born of perfection. Some say the combination of raw fish ...

    On September 1, 2010 / By
  • Photography by Kang L
    Japanese 6

    Asakusa: Into the den of sushi.

    A firm, yet genteel voice answered the phone. The line was horribly muffled as I struggled to pick out the vowels through the low, low bass. Fum.Fum.Sa.Sa. I think she said, in a deceptively Japanese accent. An awkward silence befell. ...

    On August 26, 2010 / By
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    Photos, restaurants, and dropping trousers.

    I didn’t realise cameras in restaurants were still such taboo. This week I had two journalists ask me what I thought about the act of pulling out a camera in a restaurant, which some say is equal in every sense to dropping your trousers in the middle ...

    On August 24, 2010 / By
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    Announcements 9

    Two years old.

    Yes I cannot believe it too. It is two years ago today, that I assaulted the internet with my barrage of hot air and vulgar food photography, which may as well be classified as taboo, and I would just like to start by saying Thank You for reading and putting up with me. So far I have made public 376 pieces of ...

    On August 23, 2010 / By
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    British 3

    Trinity: Sunday Roast.

    Adam Byatt, the thinking man’s version of a celebrity chef, and owner of the much lauded Trinity restaurant, situated in leafy Clapham. Critics adore his work, for the invention, progression and enthusiasm he has brought to British cooking, and one expects no less ...

    On August 23, 2010 / By
  • Photography by Kang L
    Brunch 8

    Bea’s of Bloomsbury: The Sweetest Things.

    It has taken me about a year to visit Bea’s in Bloomsbury, but I’m glad I finally made it. This tour de force bakery, cake house, coffee & tea shop produces top notch sugary things from their massive kitchen on site on a daily basis. Needless to say, ...

    On August 20, 2010 / By
  • Photography by Kang L
    British 11

    28-50 : Drunken memories

    From the creators of the sleeper hit of the century, the Icelandic inspired, macaron-winning, Texture, comes Rousset & Sverrisson’s next high octane, vinely-charged collaboration, titled 28-50. The name is a geographical tip of the hat to all the world’s vineyards, most ...

    On August 20, 2010 / By
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    Japanese 5

    Twenty pounds of sushi at Mitsui, Taiwan.

    Twenty quid doesn’t go too far in London, maybe two courses. Three if it’s a michelin-on-a-budget. On the otherhand, the Taiwanese have perfected the art of amazingly affordable fine dining on half a shoe string. Back in February, I was over in Taipei for ...

    On August 18, 2010 / By