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  • Photography by Kang L
    London Restaurant Reviews 7

    Mien Tay Shoreditch: Relatively average.

    One can do no wrong dining in Phởmile, even though I think it is established that arguably the best London Phở is found outside of it. Arguably. After a fantastic experience at Cafe East, the better half was craving yet more soupy noodles, and so we decided to head toward Shoreditch. Mien Tay is one of the better published brethren amongst Vietnamese ...

    On October 29, 2010 / By
  • Photography by Kang L
    French 16

    Les Deux Salons: French is back in vogue.

    Les Deux Salons is into week 3 of operation, as of this visit, and I am glad to say that the kinks from the soft launch, crucially to do with service & speed, have been thoroughly worked out of the system. But thank goodness, this resplendent brasserie is not run with military precision, rather with a conservative friendliness instead. It is early ...

    On October 25, 2010 / By
  • Photography by Kang L
    London Restaurant Reviews 7

    Cafe East: Secluded Genius.

    It was the first time we rode the ‘new’ overground trains all the way from North to the nether regions of South East London. It’s a whole other world out here, bridges, apartment blocks, round-abouts and eerie silence. Arguably the best pho in town is said to be found ...

    On October 22, 2010 / By
  • Taiwanese Food Festival in London 2009
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    Taiwanese Food Festival…This Sunday!

    21/10 UPDATE – There appears to be a youtube video preview for this event here. Now, I don’t usually announce events on my blog, but I went to last year’s version of this food fest through my very Taiwanese extended family, and was totally impressed ...

    On October 21, 2010 / By
  • Photography by Kang L
    Italian 2

    Ida: Kensal Love.

    Ain’t it just a beauty? I couldn’t help but show you photographs of this lovely little Italian on the corner of Fifth Avenue, toward Kensal Green. Since my move to North London, I have been actively seeking out goodies in the vicinity. And I think I might have found a really nice ...

    On October 20, 2010 / By
  • Photography by Kang L
    Indian 6

    Mirch Masala: Deflated Karahi.

    Well, you can’t knock the restaurants around Whitechapel which serve excellent Punjabi food. Of course, I haven’t been to every single one – and who hasn’t tried Tayyabs and Needoo right? – but I think it is safe to say that most deliver food of a certain quality at pleasingly ...

    On October 18, 2010 / By
  • Photography by Kang L
    British 4

    Arbutus vs Hand & Flowers @AMEX 10-10-10

    Amex 10-10-10? Unsurprisingly, that points to the Sunday just gone, and was a special one-day only eating event which took place across 10 restaurants in London. Being that I am a stakeholder (with my belly) heavily invested in the dining scene and all, ...

    On October 15, 2010 / By
  • Photography by Kang L
    Brazillian 3

    X-Burger House : Supersized Brazilian Buns.

    The ‘X’ refers to the Brazilian mispronunciation of ‘ch’ in cheeseburger as ‘xis’-burger. So says the exposition on the menu, regarding the derivation of x-burger, of how cheeseburgers are locally referred to, in Brazil. So I heard about this place via a LondonEating ...

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