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    Hedone 2017

    Since last year’s visit, I have come to think of Hedone as a 2 star. I suspect I am not the first to think this. This meal in late Spring 2017 , my sixth in as many years it has been open, has served only to solidify my thoughts about this discreet restaurant in Chiswick. Since its reduction of covers in late ...

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    Midsummer House, Cambridge

    Daniel Clifford has been knocking it out of the park on TV ever since his debut on the Great British Menu in 2009, displaying a firm gasp of classic cooking with a touch of modernist creativity and above all, this guy seems a genuine lad, cooking with his heart on his sleeve. That chicken and corn dish still looks so amazing on ...

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    La Dame de Pic London

    I have it on good account that this is not a mere carbon copy of the great Chef’s Parisian offshoot, also called Dame de Pic near the Louvre, rather it is the more ambitious of the twins. The great chef is of course Anne-Sophie Pic, she inherits a gastronomic dynasty so to speak with a long standing association with the bib, that ...

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    The Square 2017, Yu Sugimoto & Team

    Phil Howard is a tough act to follow, probably the toughest, especially in today’s London but that is what the new owners of The Square have set on themselves. After more or less a year post-Phil Howard (now settling quite comfortably into his new digs), I thought to finally make the visit to the new Square. Mainly after seeing Kian‘s pictures of ...

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    Neige d’Ete, Paris – Feb 2017

    Other visits: June 2016 I was doubly impressed on my return visit to this much-loved one star restaurant situated in the Paris left bank, confirming the good things that are happening in Hideki Nishi’s kitchen today. We had visited for a weekday lunch, and requested their full dinner taster menu, in advanced, to which the restaurant were happy to lay on for ...

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    #scrambledkang: A Spring fantasy

    If you follow me on IG, then you’ll know of my weekend exploits at the stoves at home as #scrambledkang. As you know I only really write about restaurants on this blog, so this will be a one-off post. I have been toying with the idea of a scenario -as a trivial hobby more than anything- of stringing together a meal for ...

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    Mountain and Sea House 山海樓, Taipei

    Phonetically, 山海 樓 is Shan-Hai Lou and if you say it like my better half does (because my grasp of the mother tongue is a whimsy), it is a beautiful thing rolling off the tongue. Much better than the awkwardly literal English translation. I love beautiful things and as you know when it comes to Gastronomy, it is often best appreciated in ...

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    108 Garage

    It looks like the critics called this correctly. I’m certainly encouraged with the last couple of visits to new London tables, JC at EC3, BM at Perilla and now this. After years of trendy concepts, it looks like the market is maturing in 2017, with restaurateurs rolling out new projects that have more substance. The substance comes by way of Chris Denney, ...

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