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    Lorne Restaurant

    I really like the way 2017 is shaping up for new London openings as there have been more than a handful of bright sparks that strike a good balance between casual ambiance without having to dilute substance on the plate. I certainly think Lorne is a leading light in this category and one of the best new openings so far. The restaurant ...

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    #scrambledkang: Red Mullet

    Much as I love turbot, I think the mighty stripped red mullet (rouget de roche) is an equally noble fish. When cooked to the right temperature (as is the case for most protein, my preference almost always hovers the 55degC mark), the inherent oiliness, perky flakes and its particular depth in flavour surely makes it one of the most delicious experiences. And ...

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    Elystan Street – July 2017

    Other visits: Sept 2016 , Oct 2016 My 3rd visit to Phil Howard’s new digs and it is better than ever and in fact, I ate one of my best meals in 2017 so far. Phil’s head chef Toby Burrowes and his merry band have put the restaurant in a great spot and I think this team are flying right now. The ...

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    ADAD 2017, JP Blondet.

    You know the crack at Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester, one of Blighty’s quartet to be gifted the Bib’s highest accolade. This has been the Dorchester’s flagship restaurant for the good part of a decade, though I have somehow managed to avoid it for all these years. As of 2016, there was a change in helmsman, with Jocelyn Herland moving to head ...

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    Bonhams Restaurant: May 2017 + archived dishes

    Other meals at Bonhams : Oct 16 , Sept 16 , June 16 , May16 , Mar16 , Dec15 , Oct15 Quite a number of months have passed since I wrote-up a meal at Bonhams, this being my 21st and yes, it is firmly my favourite restaurant in town today. There’s been some shuffling in the kitchen, Theo Clench, (now ex-)Sous off ...

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    The Greenhouse Mayfair

    Amazingly this is my first trip to The Greenhouse. It is not a new restaurant, if my facts are right, has been around since 1977 under other auspices over the decade, until Marlon Abela purchased it in 2003. Abela retains ownership today, with Umu and The Square being the other jewels in Abela’s constellation of stars. Different head chefs have come and ...

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    #scrambledkang: Turbot

    Alongside garoupa (and bluefin tuna…), I think of European turbot as the very top end of fish that money can buy. Glimmering white flesh that has just the right ratio of meaty to flaky. A clean flavour, yet imbued with ample gelatin all around its bones and fins to impart an ‘oceaniness’. The taste of the fish is just perfect, fully deserves ...

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    #scrambledkang: Asparagus

    Here’s the follow-up to my first post on my home-cooking adventures, otherwise hashtagged #scrambledkang elsewhere. I thought it would make sense to do them one ingredient at a time (since it is how I do the procuring), and make each one a discreet project. In the season of abundance and colour where there is so much to choose from, there is one ...

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