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    Lyle’s 2018/2017

    When I last wrote about this restaurant, James was then the latest Young Turk to successfully transition into his own permanent setup, which takes his mother’s maiden name. Just under 4 years later, Lyle’s now finds itself in That list, holding a michelin star, and alongside fellow YT cohort Isaac McHale, represents the current state of Modern British cuisine. Even with the ...

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    #scrambledkang: Eggs Benedict

    There are probably better brunch dishes out there, but for me, I can think of nothing more sinfully satisfying than a fantastic eggs benedict. It is fundamentally a simple dish, consisting of only 4 main elements, namely poached egg, hollandaise, Canadian bacon and an English muffin cut in half. The beauty of any simple recipe is always that it is easily adapted ...

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    Duddell’s London

    Even with Brexit looming, the economic case for this rapidly modernised part of town is apparently still sound enough for a heavyweight F&B player to enter the fray. Perhaps the owners of the original Duddell’s Hong Kong (DHK) see parallels between the two locations, as the original opened in 2013 (at the top of flagship Shanghai Tang on Duddell’s Street), opposite the ...

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    In this grand new year of 2018, there is one restaurant that particularly excites me, one which I think has the potential to make a mark in the annals of Gastronomy. Breaking new ground may not be at the fore of Leandro Carreira’s mind, as the man is a vision of modesty, humility and generosity. A Chef at heart who is visibly ...

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    Best of 2017

    Tis the season yet again. Some of the best plates of food that were put in front of me this year. Links to write-ups are in the headers, so then without further ado… 17. Elystan Street Cornish lobster, gazpacho dressing, Capezzana olive oil and avo 16. Lorne Restaurant Spring lamb, black garlic, ratatouille, shavings of Le Caussenard and a tomato tart 15. ...

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    Core by Clare Smyth

    It’s a wonderful thing that in 2017, the cult of Le Chef is pretty much consigned to history. Restaurants today work harder to make the dining room, a place in which the punter can feel truly at ease. In London, at ease also sometimes means queuing, sharing little plates of food, and new restaurants are still reliant on introducing the next greatest ...

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    L’Arpege, Paris – ALC Autumn 2017

    You might recall my previous write-ups of L’Arpege here and there. As I finished my meal last summer at Alain Passard’s landmark restaurant in the 7th Arrondissement, I was filled with disappointment and dread, his improvised cuisine of vegetables spectacularly crashing, making the Lunch menu really quite the expensive gamble (Believe me, unless you’re a regular, the Lunch surprise menu won’t feature ...

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    Claude Bosi at Bibendum

    Even though Claude got teary eyed at the ceremony, it really came as no surprise when the Bib gave him back his double stars. The award to Araki san did surprise me (I am of the opinion that Brett Graham deserves it), and you know my mind wanders to master craftsmen like Sugita san, and it is bewildering that the Bib believes ...

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