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    Indian 6

    Mirch Masala: Deflated Karahi.

    Well, you can’t knock the restaurants around Whitechapel which serve excellent Punjabi food. Of course, I haven’t been to every single one – and who hasn’t tried Tayyabs and Needoo right? – but I think it is safe to say that most deliver food of a certain quality at pleasingly ...

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    British 4

    Arbutus vs Hand & Flowers @AMEX 10-10-10

    Amex 10-10-10? Unsurprisingly, that points to the Sunday just gone, and was a special one-day only eating event which took place across 10 restaurants in London. Being that I am a stakeholder (with my belly) heavily invested in the dining scene and all, ...

    On October 15, 2010 / By
  • Photography by Kang L
    Brazillian 3

    X-Burger House : Supersized Brazilian Buns.

    The ‘X’ refers to the Brazilian mispronunciation of ‘ch’ in cheeseburger as ‘xis’-burger. So says the exposition on the menu, regarding the derivation of x-burger, of how cheeseburgers are locally referred to, in Brazil. So I heard about this place via a LondonEating ...

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  • Photography by Kang L
    French 16

    Gauthier Soho : Truffle Extravaganza.

    I’m dreaming. This is a radical fantasy, the food is beyond excellent, the filtered water is free, a rainbow assortment of bread flows (freely too) all night long, with the startling choice of salted and unsalted Normandy butter on the table. All hail the new chieftain of Soho, ...

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    British 6

    8 Station Terrace: Remembering Lambshanks.

    Somewhere along the way, I’d lost track of what it means to be a food blogger. I rode the chu-chu express along with the rest of the zeitgeist, squeezed my way to the front of the queue for a place at London’s trending restaurants, and had somehow forgotten about unearthing local gems. ...

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    news&misc 4

    Wiko Gastronomy Preview Oct 2010.

    And here is a sneaky look at the Top 20 belly shakers for October, rankings put together by the chaps over at Wikio. They measure blog influence by how well networked they are, in relation to one another and to the rest of the interwebs, or so I understand. ...

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  • Malaysian Night at Trafalgar Square, 2010.
    events 4

    Malaysian night Trafalgar Square, lessons learnt?

    [st width=660 height =440 showtext=on textbgcolor=#0000 wmode=window] [note: you’ll need flash to view the slideshow above] Tsk, tsk… Malaysian Night – the very first of its scale – at Trafalgar Square was suppose to replicate a Pasar Malam or Night Market, but it fell way short of what many had expected. You can readCatty’s immediate reactions ...

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  • Photography by Kang L
    Italian 12

    Trullo : High Italian in Islington.

    By now you’ll have tried and failed to book a table at Trullo, the latest budget conscious, laid-back, Italian inspired restaurant to open and to become over-subscribed, in London. Owned by Jordan Frieda, once the front of house at River Café, and chef Tim Siadatan, ...

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