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    Yashin Sushi: Raw Jewels.

    I write this shuffling in my seat, on a flight bound for Norwegian airspace, and it isn’t often that I dream about London and its murky skies, but here I am, fantasizing about the startlingly magnificent lunch I experienced last weekend at Yashin, the latest addition ...

    On November 15, 2010 / By
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    London Restaurant Reviews 19

    Reintroducing Murano by Angela Hartnett

    Those of you interested in Angela Hartnett’s (MBE) progression as a chef, rejoiced at the news that she has finally left Gordon Ramsay to make her own name, though truth be told, the charismatic chef has already built a formidable reputation over the years. There are very few – if any – negative reviews written about her restaurants, and she’s my favourite ...

    On November 9, 2010 / By
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    Introducing Meals in Heels 2.0

    Over the last couple of months, I’ve been busy helping Jennifer Joyce, food writer, stylist and a cracking chef with the redesign of her blog, Meals in Heels – an extension of one of her many very cool cookbooks of the same name. I’m not a web design ...

    On November 6, 2010 / By
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    Hawksmoor Seven Dials : Protein Horizon.

    Hawksmoor has great PR, one of the early champions of blogs, it has since gone on to utilise and charm the medium with great success. Generally speaking, you guys – ie, people who read online food ramblings – love Hawksmoor. And I suppose, as a viable business ...

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    Wikio UK Gastronomy Nov 2010 Preview

    Well this is interest, plenty of new names breaking into the top 20 this month, including the brand new entrant Food stuff finds making its debut at top spot..! Refreshing really, some new blogs to trawl through. and it is nice to especially pleasing to see Daniel’s excellent ...

    On November 3, 2010 / By
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    British 2

    York & Albany: Dizzy

    Whatever reservations I may have about the man and his empire, I respect El Gordo’s achievements above all and can’t help but admire the sheer talent that has passed through his stables. Ramsay’s first class have all but graduated, they now lead their ...

    On November 2, 2010 / By
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    London Restaurant Reviews 7

    Mien Tay Shoreditch: Relatively average.

    One can do no wrong dining in Phởmile, even though I think it is established that arguably the best London Phở is found outside of it. Arguably. After a fantastic experience at Cafe East, the better half was craving yet more soupy noodles, and so we decided to head toward Shoreditch. Mien Tay is one of the better published brethren amongst Vietnamese ...

    On October 29, 2010 / By
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    French 16

    Les Deux Salons: French is back in vogue.

    Les Deux Salons is into week 3 of operation, as of this visit, and I am glad to say that the kinks from the soft launch, crucially to do with service & speed, have been thoroughly worked out of the system. But thank goodness, this resplendent brasserie is not run with military precision, rather with a conservative friendliness instead. It is early ...

    On October 25, 2010 / By