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    Elystan Street

    I was left in a mini state of shock when I heard that he decided to sell The Square this year. Whilst I cannot claim to have eaten enough meals there to be a regular, I remain quite a fan of the great chef. Half of me understood it as a man who deserved a rewarding break after 25 years at the ...

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    Bonhams Restaurant Sept 2016

    Other meals at Bonhams : Oct 16 , Sept 16 , June 16 , May16 , Mar16 , Dec15 , Oct15 The guys are fresh from their summer break, fully recharged to tackle the new season. Becky (you are missed!) left earlier this year to tend to family and so Amy Boden (ex-Bibo, Pollen St, Square) steps in as Bonhams’ new restaurant ...

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    Palace, New Malden

    My weekend odysseys to K-town in New Malden continues to reward and surprise with all manner of delicious things. Most restaurants here are humble, homely and priced without the London premium. Palace is such an outfit, it is located further down the high street toward the fountain roundabout (near the swish Nandos), shielded by the shadow of a very big tree. For ...

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    Pied à Terre 25 Years : Richard Neat Returns

    I went along to a special lunch at this stalwart restaurant which is currently celebrating its 25th year. An achievement for sure, so much has happened in that time, five head chefs, the restaurant had even endured a fire in its quarter century of history. David Moore, its founder, looked spirited and enthused during this service, as he welcomed punters in for ...

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    Noodle House, Sutton

    I entertained a couple of old friends for the last Summer BBQ over the August bank holiday. They got married, recently moved to Sutton and told me about this little takeaway that does surprisingly good Malaysian. It’s a short bus ride from where I live, closer than Uncle Lim’s in Croydon (are they still there or Westfield teardown happening now? The quality ...

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    Medlar 2016 – 5 Years Strong

    Joe and David, Happy 5 years. Sorry it took me a while to raise a glass to you, but here it is. Cheers fellas! You know I’ve been a huge Medlar fan since day one, although there is an even bigger fan and that’s Kian. A fellow restaurant admirer who knows his beans and well worth the read. Only guy I know ...

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    The Ledbury 2016

    Phil Howard is very present on my mind these days. He’s one of my favourite chefs and he’s very close to opening at has opened Elystan Street (the old Tom Aikens site). Last I checked, he remains a stakeholder in his protege’s celebrated West London restaurant. Sometimes I still think of The Ledbury as the little brother to The Square (Platts-Martin and ...

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    Marksman (Updated)

    UPDATED 22AUG2016 : I made a 2nd visit a week after I wrote this. Pictures of the 2nd meal is appended at the end of this original post. 1st Meal, 12th August 2016 Here I am showing some love for Tom Harris and Jon Rotherham’s joint effort as chef-owners. It has already been wholeheartedly welcomed by you savvy restaurant admirers, and this ...

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