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    JUNE2016 UPDATE: 3rd visit, in-season Portuguese squid sliced into 3 very thin layers, stacked and nigiri. This is awesome. Katsuo tataki in tomato ponzu; and reflecting the season, house-made white peach ice cream with wakamomo. APRIL2016 UPDATE: On 2nd visit, I tried more of his vegetables, sheer brilliance. His miso black cod is legit as well. It is a lighter marinade than ...

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    Pitt Cue 2.0

    I can’t remember when I was first at Pitt Cue’s southbank truck (searching my own twitter feed the conventional way is a near impossible task), but I do remember Jamie Berger introducing me to picklebacks – shooting whiskeys and chasing it with the briny pickleback juice. I think I had the pulled pork with baked beans (hence the search) which Tom Adams ...

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    This is the next in Jason’s ever growing Social empire that spans six cities, and is his seventh restaurant in London. I’m an Atherton fan, followed Jason since Maze days (been to all but City Social) and think his London restaurants are great. I don’t know what his books look like, but all this expansion (and superb interior design) must mean it ...

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    MAY 2016 UPDATE Saturday dinner, 1st week of May was not so successful. Great atmosphere however, but it seems Francesco is more patron than chef, even his front of house admit his appearance in Sartoria is a little random. This service was full, but kitchen seems unable to keep up. Some things were solid such as the beef tartare, but pastachijna was ...

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    Mediterranean 2

    The Palomar

    The Palomar are coming up to their two year anniversary in May and I imagine the owners must be over the moon with their success thus far. They have amassed heaps of glowing praise, sweeping a number of ‘best of’ awards and sniping an empty seat at their 16 seat kitchen bar is a rare success during peak times. It is the ...

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    Bonhams Restaurant March 2016

    Other meals at Bonhams : Oct 16 , Sept 16 , June 16 , May16 , Mar16 , Dec15 , Oct15 My brother was in town last week for Natsuki’s excellent Hoxcup pop-up and for this trip, I was keen for him to also try Bonhams, which for me, is most exciting restaurant in London today. Since my last visit in November, ...

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    Rome : Roscioli + Baccano

    I just love Roman cuisine. The simplicity, the richness and pecorino romano. The first time I had cacio e pepe (literally cheese and pepper), it required a taste re-orientation because of the sheer amount of pecorino that goes into the sauce. You’re completely engulfed in the pungent and sharp characteristics of the cheese. And then there’s the pizza al taglio, sold by ...

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    The Cornwall Project at Newman Arms

    This will be Matt Chatfield’s sixth year since he started bringing together a handful of Cornish producers to supply the London restaurant market, as well as taking over three pubs (this one, The Three Crowns and The Adam & Eve) in London as means to open up a steady stream of orders for those suppliers. It is a brilliant idea and is ...

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  • Frenchie Covent Garden
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    Frenchie Covent Garden

    Happy Chinese New Year! This year I would like to wish you 猴年大吉, 招财进宝, 和气生财, 恭喜发财. — The Frenchie has arrived in London, or more precisely, the Frenchie is back in London. He spent nearly a decade of his formative chef years cooking at The Savoy Grill, Mandarin Oriental and became head chef of Fifteen, where – as gastronomic folklore has it ...

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    The Goring Dining Room

    The hotel was opened in 1910 by Otto R Goring and remains a family business today, itself a rarity. Situated just a stones’ throw from Buckingham Palace, it has a long association with the Royal family (and a royal warrant since 2013), Queen mum who was a regular, according to folklore, had particular affection for the food. The kitchen has kept Eggs ...

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    The Ninth

    March 2016 Update: I have visited The Ninth another 4 times, and this is quickly becoming one of my favourite restaurants this year. The cooking is assured, and the menu is well-priced, especially during lunch. Some more pictures over on my instagram -> Flamed mackerel, Salt beef cheeks, Stuffed quail. —- Original post from 20 Jan 2016. This is Jun Tanaka’s first ...

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    Pintxos in San Sebastian

    There must be hundreds of pintxos bar found in Parte Vieja, the Old Town of San Sebastian. Pintxos are so much more than bar snacks, otherwise known as cocina en miniatura. I think it’s where Basque cuisine is actually being advanced. We didn’t have a bum snack, every thing we ate was brilliant. The standard of competition is really high. Beyond the ...

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    Akelaŕe, San Sebastián

    Pedro Subijana was going to become a doctor but for reasons not known to the interwebs, he aborted his plans to study medicine and enrolled with the Madrid Hospitality School instead. A decision that would reward him greatly. He started his career in a local asador before joining the kitchens of a Pelota club in the nearby town of Hernani. From there, ...

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    And here we are in 2016. Are the January blues affecting you much or are you one of those capable of tackling every new year with renewed vitality? I’m definitely the former, already looking forward to the weekend to recover from the holiday season. I need comfort food. I recount a recent meal I had just before Christmas in Ravenscourt Park, a ...

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    Bonhams Restaurant : The Best of 2015

    Other meals at Bonhams : Oct 16 , Sept 16 , June 16 , May16 , Mar16 , Dec15 , Oct15 The best meals I ate in London this year are at this auctioneer’s little gem of a restaurant. You can tell how much I bloody loved it from my last blog post in which I was a total runaway froth-fest. I ...

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    Bar Nestor, San Sebastian

    A sense of achievement washed over me after I successfully placed my ‘pre-order’ for a slice of Nestor’s famous tortilla. They only make two of their fabled omelettes everyday, one at 1pm and the other at 8pm. Each about the size of a wheel of parmesan. “You’ll want two” Nestor, the owner whose moustache I recognise from the many photos of it ...

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    Brasserie Chavot (RELOCATING in 2016)

    [UPDATE : Immediately after uploading this, Ed told me this is closing down on 31st December. So visit before then!] I love the bombastic opulence about this restaurant. From the beautiful mosaic tiled floors, burgundy banquettes, swing music, fake chandeliers, antique-effect mirrors and dressed up waiters. This retro slickness is just the way brasseries should look and feel. And what’s not to ...

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    I was reading this old interview of Tom Oldroyd where he mentioned about how he’d model his own restaurant after Bocca di Lupo, the same place he stinted before his tenure at Polpo. As is well known, Polpo was a runaway success and eventually Tom went on to open 7 (or so) restaurants with Russell Norman. After 6 years with Polpo, Tom ...

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