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    Bonhams June 2016

    Other meals at Bonhams : Oct 16 , Sept 16 , June 16 , May16 , Mar16 , Dec15 , Oct15 [PDF of June 16 Carte Blanche Menu] You already know how much I love Tom Kemble’s cooking and the story has not changed. Bonhams is still as fantastic as ever, these guys continue to polish their very skillful and subtle cuisine. ...

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    40 Maltby Street (Updated with ham)

    [UPDATED : I included my 2nd meal in this post. Scroll past the 1st meal to see it. The ham, oh gosh…] Shh…! Don’t tell anyone, this place is soooo good. What do you mean you’re already a regular?! I finally found the time to stumble into this much celebrated wine bar, located under the Railway arches in Bermondsey. The street market ...

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    And finally I make it to Ellory. My brother made the extra effort even to join me for lunch, taking the long road from Swindon, because I was totally hyped up about the folk behind this gorgeous outfit. This part you likely already know (and therefore can safely continue scrolling) as Ellory is opened by Matthew Young (ex-head chef of the beloved ...

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    After reading TO‘s five star review of this restaurant, I decided to venture out in search of something small and beautiful yet again, this time to North London. Islington as you know is already laden with gems. Great Italian, fantastic fish and chips, my favourite wine shop is here, awesome Chinese, rock & roll kebabs and you know I still think the ...

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    L’Astrance, Paris

    I gave it exactly 2 months and rang the moment the lines opened at 9am (over here). Table for 3, 1st Thursday of June, the year 2016. It is a tiny, tiny restaurant, 25 covers and nothing of the incredulous luxury of stereotypical three star temples. In fact there are many things about Astrance that is curiously dissimilar to its peers, it ...

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    Neige d’été, Paris

    If you are romantic like me, then you also will appreciate the poetic nature of this restaurant’s being and start by asking what is Summer Snow? It could be unfinished haiku, but pay attention to the restaurant’s signage, not unlike Astrance, and you will see the outline of a flower emerge. To be precise, it is a white rose with a soft ...

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    Blandford Comptoir

    I first went to 28-50 in Fetter Lane 6 years ago and have since enjoyed returning to the Marlyebone and Maddox Street branches. I like the 75ml measures, the ever changing themes, eventually coravin for rarer things. I have always loved Paul Walsh’s food in those days (now with City Social and fully deserving his michelin star) and have always thought 28-50 ...

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    Taka by Sushi Saito, KL

    [ TL:DR Taka is good but Honten is obviously better. Saito san himself will be in KL for 1 day only in August this year. Best to call to check, if you want to catch him… ] What was once was part of the mystique of uncovering hidden gems in random basements in Ginza has today exploded on to social media’s global ...

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    Cambio de Tercio May 2016

    Coming here is like coming home, my first visit was 2003 and predates my bloggero shindig, during which they were a group of two, Cambio de Tercio and Tendido Cero across the road. This is my longest relationship with any restaurant in London. I am a loyal kind and I enjoy (re)writing about them (as you have gathered if you read me) ...

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    Yami New Malden

    We’ve settled down in sunny Worcester Park for 18 months now and really quite enjoy the proximity to New Malden. Having Seoul Plaza close by is convenient, we’ve switched from Thai jasmine (that’s our family preference) over to Korean rice which we think is pretty good. Not to mention the multitude of instant noodles, pretty sure we’ve gone through all the flavours. ...

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    Some cook for a living, others live to cook and then there are the true craftsmen who work with their hearts and hands, molding their wares into expressions of their being. You may have read the several interviews of Yoshinori Ishii (perhaps also his own thoughts, well worth if you haven’t) across the webz and so you will know his love for ...

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    Bonhams May 2016

    Other meals at Bonhams : Oct 16 , Sept 16 , June 16 , May16 , Mar16 , Dec15 , Oct15 As I completed the Opentable booking form for my fourth visit to this fabulous little offering inside the auction house, I made a special request for Dorset blues and turbot and the longest carte blanche menu Chef is able to cater. ...

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    Theo Randall

    Have you been following the news of River Cafe staying, moving, staying? Last I read they are staying and I am glad for it. It has never been cheap to eat there (at least in my lifetime) but I adore the room, Lord Rogers’ design is simply timeless and you eat the best of the season. Plans for their second restaurant (in ...

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    Typing Room

    Looks like they oiled the parquet floors, got rid of the patterned wallpaper and brought in crispy marble table tops. Otherwise, the room is much the same, the theatre of the open kitchen is still impressive and I love the calming majesty in here. A little surreal as it wasn’t so long ago that this was Nuno’s temple in East London. Now ...

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    Six Portland Road

    So it seems that the two original makers of Terroirs have stepped out on their own. Ed Wilson branched off to fully own Brawn outright and independently, so I can only assume that it leaves the Terroirs Group (itself backed by Narioo’s Caves de Pyrene) with its original WIlliam IV location, Soif and Toast. I’ve never had a bad meal or swill ...

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    The Clove Club – Spring 2016

    There is functional elegance about this room, an honest grandeur, welcoming and tranquil like morning daisies. It doesn’t feel like 3 years since I was last here, but it has, long enough for their 2013 vintage of charcuterie to ripen for service. I have such fond memories of the Ten Bells days (Gio and Jarrod now on their own), I am certain ...

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    Shikumen Dim Sum

    MAY UPDATE: The blog post below was just from one meal, but unfortunately I do hear some bad feedback from my friends who went there. This restaurant appears to be inconsistent in their offering. I will update as I return but for now, don’t say I did not tell you so. — Are you also lamenting the quality of dim sum in ...

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    Black Axe Mangal doesn’t really do kebabs in the way Mission Chinese Food doesn’t actually do Chinese food. Danny Bowien’s phantasmal not-quite-a-restaurant moved into swish new digs in the Lower East Side (NYC) last year and really has come a long way from its Mission Street beginnings in San Francisco. There’s no doubt that BAM’s owner/chef Lee Tiernan shares more than a ...

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