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    Marcus Wareing, God save his pudding. (Review)

    Marcus Wareing at The Berkeley, Official site Wilton Place SW1X 7RL (0)20 7235 1200  Knightsbridge Tube £ 75.00 ala carte, £ 35.00 set lunch In the searing heat of the 2006 summer, Jennie Bond presented the first episodes of the Great British Menu. The premise was cook-off between some of the best chefs in the country to decide who would cook for the ...

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    Eat&Read (18Jan09) Half price London

    Eat&Read is a weekly round-up of yummi-news from around london and the blogosphere, every Sunday. Gloucester Road, London It was an all too wet affair last night in London as I was entirely soaked by the time I exited Baracca, the most authentic Brazillian cafe in Londres, complete with a one man bossa nova jukebox. Oh it was that good. I don’t ...

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    Sweet things in South Kensington

    I have been living in and around the Kensington area for little over seven years and I’m glad to say that there are lots of sweet offerings in the vicinity. Since it’s friday, I’d like to keep this one short and sweet. Three spots to hit the next time you are feeling sweet. Your choice of frozen yogurt, freshly baked cookies or ...

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    Still or sparkling?

    A dollop of off-the-curb eating quirk to brighten up those midweek blues every wednesday or thursdays or both  In London, it’s no real secret that restaurants go for the jugular when it comes to liquid offerings. As if the food is not expensive enough, ( the typical 3 course meal in London was the most expensive in the world 2 years ago ...

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    Cuisine poll results 24 hours later..

    Thank you to the 46 foodies who have voted in the favourite cuisine poll so far. If you haven’t voted yet, you can join in the fun here or if you scroll down, you’ll see it on the right hand side bar. I’m keeping the poll open indefinitely for the time being. So far, the favourite cuisine (s) are tied with Italian and Japanese both with ...

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    What is your favourite cuisine? [Poll]

    I’m heavily promoting my ‘write for me and win £50’ competition, everybody can enter, please do tell all your friends about it, all you need to do is write a food review (minimum 250 words only!) and include at least one picture and email it to me. The best 20 will be published here on LE and put to a vote – the best one wins £50!  It’s ...

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    St Pancras Grand, lunching the Eurostar (review)

    St Pancras Grand, official website  St Pancras International Upper Concourse NW1 9QP 020 7870 9900 Picture this. Wake up at 7.30am, have the Arnold Bennett at the Wolseley by 8; I’ll make a start on my copy of the Times, quickly finish up my cappuccino just in time to catch the 9.40 train to Paris and be seated at Joel Rubuchon’s by ...

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    10 reasons to subscribe to London Eater

    I was in the middle of publishing a new ‘Why Subscribe?’ page to help new readers with RSS subscriptions and thought that the content would actually make for a pretty strong case of ‘self-promotion’ . LE is still relatively young and I am always happy to see new readers subscribed to my latest articles. If you like LE, please do forward my website to your mates and tell everyone ...

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    Eat&Read (11Jan09): We have relaunch.

    Weekly round-up of yummi-news from around london and the blogosphere, every Sunday. Brought to you, via the magic of the tube and the imagination of Kang the LE. saatchi galleries Yesterday was -3 in London. Much too cold for a protest at Speaker’s corner, today on the other hand looks like a very warm 7C and the sun is out. I’m thinking ...

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    Lunch with FT on a shoestring budget

    I feel it is my london foodie duty to report on any special offers which apply to food lovers in London. This the latest one from the Financial Times will give you the opportunity to have your bill halved. Details from the official website below: Have lunch (or dinner where offered*) with the FT and enjoy fine dining for less. When you ...

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    Tartine, French for bruschetta. (Review)

    Tartine restaurant and bar, official website 114 Draycott Avenue, SW3 3AE | 020 7589 4981 £10.00 per tartine , £ 3.50 skinny chips £2.50 coffees A tartine is a slice of bread. The Tartine, on the other hand, is a French eating concept. The concept is simple and Italian loving Londoners familiar with the bruschetta will be comfortable with the Tartine, which ...

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    The Midweek Quirker: What does a Michelin Star mean to you?

    A dollop of off-the-curb eating quirk to brighten up those midweek blues every wednesday or thursdays or both Photo by The Dana Files The Michelin guide is quite possibly the most prestigious restaurant rating system in the world. Gaining one of these bad boys is like giving a restaurant a license to charge ridiculous amounts of money and be able to create gimmick ...

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    Join Metrotwin and win a free holiday to New York

    Some of you will know that in addition to my bloggero duties here, I also put my foodie cap on and provide short restaurant reviews and eating lists for What is It’s a spanking new website which provides lists of exciting places/stuff to do in both New York and London. It’s backed by and is a kind of promotional ...

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    The Midweek Quirker: What is the Durian?

     A dollop of off-the-curb eating quirk to brighten up those midweek blues every wednesday or thursdays or both Depending on which part of the far east you travel to, the Durian is actually considered the king of fruit. This is a tropical fruit, so you won’t see it growing in someone’s back garden in Croydon, but in places like Thailand – where ...

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    Would you like to write a restaurant review and win £50?

    I love reading restaurant reviews. Perhaps this comment from Heidi of Savory tv summarises it most succinctly: “Now you know I live nowhere close to London, so why am I reading a London restaurant review? Because I love your writing! And I get to live a bit vicariously through you, living the glamorous restaurant visiting life.” That’s exactly what I feel reading ...

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    The Square, at Post #100. (Review)

    The Square official website 6-10 Bruton Street, Mayfair W1J 6PU 44 (0) 20 7495 7100 £ 35.00 set menu , £ 75.00 a la carte three courses There is cause for abit of celebration because this is my 100th post. With that, it is only appropriate that I mark this momentous occasion with a write-up on one of London’s pre-eminent restaurants; Philip Howard’s The ...

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    Eat&Read (4thJan09) – Welcome to 2009, London.

    Weekly round-up of yummi-news from around london and the blogosphere, every Sunday. Brought to you, via the magic of the tube and the imagination of Kang the LE. Dominion Theatre, Totenham court road Honorable caretaker of the internet tubes, the most gracious LCD of your computer, Ladies and Gentlemen. It is my privilege to usher in the grand new year of 2009 ...

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    A walk about at the Winter Wonderland part three: people!

    In part one, it was all about the big & fluorescent things, in part two we focused on (German) food. Today is the last day of hyde parkero wonderlando and in part three, we conclude this mini-series with a few snaps of the people.  The official site is here. (Almost) Everytime I’m out and about snapping things, I manage to get alot ...

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