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    Two days of fattening up in Singapore.

    Yes… the blog has been rather slow lately because I am still travelling in Asia. I’m on my annual leave to celebrate Chinese New Year. I must say, I am itching to get back to London, especially to meet my reservation at Heston’s Dinner at the Mandarin Oriental. Thus far, I have refrained from reading any GB media about perhaps the most ...

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    Wikio Gastronomy Feb 2011 Preview

    Happy Chinese New Year folks. I took this picture yesterday, at my parents’ house in Brunei. It’s a lion dance to usher the new year in, and I think the lion had peeled three satsumas to make the chinese character of ‘Wang’ , which is suppose to mean blooming, booming prosperity, I think. It’s all good baby. – February Gastronomy Ranking ...

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    Chinese 6

    Dumplings’ Legends : Durian puffer-upper, and above average dumplings.

    Perhaps it has aspirations toward becoming the Ding Tai Fung of Europe, what with the copycat white walls, chefs folding xia long bao behind glass panels. Full marks for ambiance and kudos for trying to emulate a franchise which has perfected the delivery of consistently good XLBs. Unfortunately, we’re closer to Chinatown, London, than we are to Tienmu,Taipei, and sadly that makes ...

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    British 5

    Wright Brothers Soho : Conveniently fine oysters.

    The long time resident oyster bar at Borough market opened their 2nd London outlet in late 2010, in the very heart of central London. It takes up an entire wing that oversees the courtyard in Kingly Court, with a view of nearby Cha Cha Moon. Alan Yau’s woefully modern noodlebar, which I dread, and which is a place I would only return ...

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    Cambio De Tercio 2011 Revisit, just…brill.

    Let me just reiterate, if you don’t already know this : Cambio de Tercio has been my favourite London restaurant for many years, and in 2011, it remains my favourite. I had written exhaustive love letters in the past, expressing my true feelings regarding the superb work of CdT. I shant preach to the converted… but I could not help not sharing ...

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    Kopapa : Two sides of the same coin.

    Rarely do you come across new openings with a breezier philosophy than Kopapa. The website describes a modest and friendly outlook, also evident from the moment I picked up the phone to book a table, to the eventual visit. Pitched as a cafe & restaurant, this is Peter Gordon’s latest project in London; The New Zealander chef, widely respected as the one ...

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  • Nuno Mendes at his loft in 2009 before Viajante
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    My thoughts on the 2011 Michelin Guide.

    Love it, loathe it, the annual revision to the Michelin guide is still relevant. Widely scrutinised, lambasted and worshipped by restauranteurs and restaurant lovers alike, it is perhaps the most recognisable of all restaurant guides. But, it has probably lost some respect with stakeholders in this edition, which coincidentally, ...

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    Brawn : Columbia Road Blooming

    Remember back in 2008, there was a little known wine bar, in Charing Cross called Terroirs? You know the one I’m talking about. It garnered gushing reviews from all four corners, everybody showed up to the party, and everybody thought it was pretty amazing. Well, get ready for the second coming, because they’re back! The people behind Terroirs recently extended their operations, ...

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