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  • Photography by Kang L
    Fusion 14

    Viajante Revisited (CLOSED)

    It was probably the most intriguing restaurant opening last year. It generated a polarising reception, ranging from those who hailed Nuno Mendes’ travelling fusion food as groundbreaking to others who thought it a purely self indulgent public experiment, injected with an unhealthy dose of pretense. When I visited last summer, ...

    On January 12, 2011 / By
  • Photography by Kang L
    British 11

    The Henry Root : Potential, but…no.

    On paper, this two month old wine bar in Fulham road reads like a winner. A laid back, well decked out bistro atmosphere, a dedicated and extensive wine list and a grazing Anglo-French menu, with fancy charcuterie made in-house and otherwise sourced from artisans in Beaujolais. The Henry Root, like Brawn, are derivatives of the hugely popular Terroirs wine bar in Charing ...

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  • Photography by Kang L
    Italian 6

    Zafferano : Classic Italian Institution.

    If ever there was a restaurant synonymous with the term institution, that restaurant could well be Zafferano. Entering its sixteenth year of service, it is regarded by all of us, as one of the key purveyors of high Italian cuisine, in London. It boasts a fancy postcode, the single macaron from the Bib, as well as about a dozen or so blogposts ...

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    photo grids 2

    Food at 8×10.

    I revamped my food photography portfolio for 2011 with a series of images that were taken completely inside the various restaurants that I had visited throughout 2009 and 2010. You might even recognise some dishes in these photographs. The photographs are presented ...

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  • Downside up at the Tate Britain
    news&misc 4

    Wikio Gastronomy Top 20 Preview Jan 2011

    It’s that time of the month once again to look at the movers and shakers as according to the good folks at Wikio. And this month, we have yet another new leader at the top of the heap, Maison Cupcake who has jumped 38th since the end of 2010. Well done to Sarah! ...

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  • Photography by Kang L
    London Restaurant Reviews 4

    La Goulette : Memories from the Tunisian Coast

    Shortly after my visit to (probably) the first authentically Tunisian restaurant to open in London, I went on Wikipedia to read about the history of modern day Carthage, and the variety of its sun-kissed cuisine. There has been a movie made about La Goulette – the diminutive port town – titled “A Summer in La Goulette” that tells the tale of three ...

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    London Restaurant Reviews 7

    The Unbloggable Meals.

    I eat alot throughout the year, and keep the material back to build a backlog of posts, but for a number of reasons, I tend to forget posting about them, or more accurately, there are better things to blog about, at the time. So as I have only just ...

    On December 28, 2010 / By
  • Photography by Kang L
    Breakfast 7

    Dishoom : Bombay Classy.

    This restaurant opened to rave reviews by gluttons across London in summer, staking their claim as the very first all day diner in London to be modeled after Bombay cafes. I’ve never been to Bombay, but those who have tried the genuine article (like Guy ...

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