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  • Photography by Kang L
    American 10

    #MEATEASY : Expertly pickled grease

    Unless you have been living under the proverbial rock that requires abstination from evil things such as sex, alcohol and greasy chips, you would have otherwise heard about the gospel of The Meatwagon. Unfortunately, the wagon was stolen late last year, so in early 2011, Yianni Papoutsis – aka Blighty’s one true burger king – had reassigned his team at the first ...

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  • Photography by Kang L
    Italian 6

    Deceptively Semplice.

    When I think about spending big on meals, where multiple stars are involved, I think French, I think Japanese, I think miniscular gastronomy, water-bathed, raw and beetroot. Rarely does the thought of an expensive Italian meal ever cross my mind anymore these days. I put this down to the recent drive by like-minded restauranteurs in launching the lean and mean, baby River ...

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  • Photography by Kang L
    British 10

    St John Hotel (Restaurant) : One More Hurrah

    At last. After months and years of hearsay and delay, Fergus Henderson and Trevor Gulliver’s newest project in the city is finally ready for you and I to throw our cash at it. The hotel occupies enviably concise address of Number One Leicester Square, where it was once Manzi’s seafood restaurant (which incidentally also had a hotel above it) that was, and ...

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  • Photography by Kang L
    news&misc 1

    Wikio Gastronomy blogs April 2011 Preview

    It’s that wonderful time of the month again to take a sneak peek at the Top 20 food blogs, as according to the good people at Wikio. The photograph above was taken at Queen’s Park Farmers Market, on a rather pleasant Sunday morning. 1 Maison Cupcake 2 Fuss Free Flavours 3 meemalee’s kitchen 4 Cheese and Biscuits 5 Hollow Legs 6 The ...

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  • Photography by Kang L
    Korean 13

    Seoul Bakery / Azito Hair salon : Post-it Bulgogi.

    Talk about being hidden away. Not only are Seoul Bakery based in a pocket of real estate behind The Centrepoint, which so few venture to, that going there is like remembering to clean behind your ears (unless if you happened to take a wrong turn, from the buzz of picking up your next Les Paul in Denmark St); This Korean cucina goes ...

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  • Photography by Kang L
    Japanese 5

    Nizuni: Where forbidden colours are beautiful.

    Nizuni’s official web portal has the title track to the film Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence (Senjō no Merī Kurisumasu), running in its background. it is Ryuchi Sakamoto’s best sheet of music. Beautiful, epic, elegant and heartbreaking. Ryuchi went on to write more cinemagic backing music to other epics such as The Last Emperor, though I like his work for Brian De Palma’s ...

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  • Photography by Kang L
    American 16

    Spuntino: Three times, is really a charm.

    I would like to begin by publicly apologising to Russell Norman and his team, because on reflection, I think I was man-pmsing when I wrote the Polpetto review. I was out of line, and rude, and I hope I can be forgiven. Handslap. Most of you are already familiar with the famous bacaro in Soho that is Polpo, and many of you ...

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  • Photography by Kang L
    French 5

    Chabrot: London “Bistronomique”

    You can almost expect Audrey Tautou to waltz through the front door of this cosy restaurant; hang her coat, and whip her beret onto the coat rack. With Piaf marching on in the background, your eyes follow her every move, as she sits herself down on the round corner table for two (except she’s by herself), briefly re-arrange the silverware, and as ...

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