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    Petrus London 2016

    My view of Big Sweary has softened, desensitised even, though it perhaps is because this styled TV persona has also mellowed over time. Cuddly Sweary now appearas to be the new Gordon Ramsay across the Atlantic. Every now and again when he shows flashes of his previous life in the kitchen, such as his lobster shelling demo on US masterchef, I’m reminded ...

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    Les 110 de Taillevent London (Updated)

    24OCT16 UPDATE: I visited a 2nd time for dinner, and yes, love this brasserie. Classic and fantastic value for money considering the kitchen’s ability. For 2nd meal, scroll past the initial review for notes and pictures. Taillevent is a revered institution in Paris opened by André Vrinat in 1946. It achieved 3 star status in 1973 and held on to them until ...

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    Holborn Dining Room

    I remain a fan of our grand cafes in town, chiefly the Corbin & King stalwarts of Wolseley and its unbeatably reasonable cousin that is Brasserie Zedel. HDR’s lustrous retro galore is of a similar mould, albeit with a classic cuisine that’s closer to home than Vienna. And it is a massive restaurant that must take at least 100 covers (at a ...

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    Elystan Street

    I was left in a mini state of shock when I heard that he decided to sell The Square this year. Whilst I cannot claim to have eaten enough meals there to be a regular, I remain quite a fan of the great chef. Half of me understood it as a man who deserved a rewarding break after 25 years at the ...

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    Bonhams Restaurant Sept 2016

    Other meals at Bonhams : Oct 16 , Sept 16 , June 16 , May16 , Mar16 , Dec15 , Oct15 The guys are fresh from their summer break, fully recharged to tackle the new season. Becky (you are missed!) left earlier this year to tend to family and so Amy Boden (ex-Bibo, Pollen St, Square) steps in as Bonhams’ new restaurant ...

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    Palace, New Malden

    My weekend odysseys to K-town in New Malden continues to reward and surprise with all manner of delicious things. Most restaurants here are humble, homely and priced without the London premium. Palace is such an outfit, it is located further down the high street toward the fountain roundabout (near the swish Nandos), shielded by the shadow of a very big tree. For ...

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    Pied à Terre 25 Years : Richard Neat Returns

    I went along to a special lunch at this stalwart restaurant which is currently celebrating its 25th year. An achievement for sure, so much has happened in that time, five head chefs, the restaurant had even endured a fire in its quarter century of history. David Moore, its founder, looked spirited and enthused during this service, as he welcomed punters in for ...

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    Noodle House, Sutton

    I entertained a couple of old friends for the last Summer BBQ over the August bank holiday. They got married, recently moved to Sutton and told me about this little takeaway that does surprisingly good Malaysian. It’s a short bus ride from where I live, closer than Uncle Lim’s in Croydon (are they still there or Westfield teardown happening now? The quality ...

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    Medlar 2016 – 5 Years Strong

    Joe and David, Happy 5 years. Sorry it took me a while to raise a glass to you, but here it is. Cheers fellas! You know I’ve been a huge Medlar fan since day one, although there is an even bigger fan and that’s Kian. A fellow restaurant admirer who knows his beans and well worth the read. Only guy I know ...

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    The Ledbury 2016

    Phil Howard is very present on my mind these days. He’s one of my favourite chefs and he’s very close to opening at has opened Elystan Street (the old Tom Aikens site). Last I checked, he remains a stakeholder in his protege’s celebrated West London restaurant. Sometimes I still think of The Ledbury as the little brother to The Square (Platts-Martin and ...

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    Marksman (Updated)

    UPDATED 22AUG2016 : I made a 2nd visit a week after I wrote this. Pictures of the 2nd meal is appended at the end of this original post. 1st Meal, 12th August 2016 Here I am showing some love for Tom Harris and Jon Rotherham’s joint effort as chef-owners. It has already been wholeheartedly welcomed by you savvy restaurant admirers, and this ...

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    Eneko at One Aldwych

    Aside from Clare Smyth’s solo debut (slipped to 2017) and Phil Howard’s takeover of Elystan Street slated for the fall, this is the opening that I am most excited about this year. As you well know, Azurmendi is currently floating on cloud nine. Top spot in OAD Europe last year, 2nd this year to Mr Passard who is celebrating Year 30 at ...

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    Brunswick House

    I am certain that I sat on those chairs at Le Chabanais last year. Walnut on brass legs, a modern spin on the classic Windsor Chair by two American designers, they are wonderfully solid things to look at and sit on. Likely the only thing missed when Chabanais eventually shuttered according to general consensus (I am in the minority of those who ...

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    Shawarma Bar (by Berber&Q)

    Menus : Food / Drink Josh Katz is a Londoner through and through, somebody who has taken the long road to fulfill his true passion of cooking good food. Not many chefs have a capacity for generosity like Josh, fella’s got a big heart for sure, and his cooking reflects his personality. Bursting with colour and celebration, rounded off with freshness and ...

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    L’Inconnu, Paris

    [ Pictures of the menus: Dinner, Drinks ] This rather mysterious outfit in the 7th arrondissement in the left bank has left me completely enchanted. After I returned to London, I felt a jot of pride as if I’d uncovered something over there. Of course I had not. I read it on Chihiro Matsui’s exemplary blog and thought it would be a ...

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    Hedone 2016 <---> 2015

    Happy 5 years to Mikael, Aurelie and team. Since last fall, Hedone have re-jigged their seating plan, shrinking to 22 covers to concentrate their output. There is minimal change to the interiors, but the roomier feel between tables suits better I think. So I took in a carte blanche from mid-July 2016, this being the fifth meal with Mikael at the pass. ...

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    L’Arpege, Paris : June 2016

    Other meals : March 2016 I returned to Arpege for another lunch in early June 2016 during the week of the Euros launch. If you remember this was also the week of the floods and this sure did affect the output of Passard’s farms. So much so, that they barely had enough for the day’s service and not enough to make juice ...

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    L.C. at Climpson’s Arch

    Climpson’s Arch has been fertile ground for future restaurateurs to prototype their business model before meeting the embrace of their investors-to-be. And you are clearly responding to these delicious propositions, voting with your wallets, what with the soaring success of its alumni including Dave Pynt’s Burnt Enz (now Burnt Ends in Singapore, with a spot on that list which shall remained unnamed), ...

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