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  • just food 39

    A big thank you to my new foodblogger friends

    We should stick together, I’m bringing us all in this post. This is also my way of saying a big thank you to everyone, also think of this as a little ice breaker too, I’m sure some of you have met each other, and some haven’t, either way, we are all here to to share our edibilties ūüėÄ I’ve noticed that foodbloggers ...

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  • My musings 52

    How to get 1000 new visitors per day to your foodblog.

    Every foodieblogger wants to share their deliciousness with as many foodies as possible, but it sometimes can be difficult driving traffic to your blog. We do our part to keep involved in the blogosphere, thank goodness for foodbuzz and all the wonderful new foodie friends I’ve made, leave comments on other foodie blogs we enjoy and try everything we can to deliver ...

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  • Cool Eats 10

    Review: Hummus Bros, giving chick peas a real chance

    So the story goes… While in college, two friends decided to pass on the usual fat & furious delights and¬†wanted do healthy. So they wandered¬†into a ‘specialist’ food shop, picked up hummus, olive oil and pitta bread. One of them said “I¬†could eat a meal like that everyday”. The other one stopped talking, an idea lit between the two heads and¬†Hummus Bros¬†was ...

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  • eating&reading 7

    eating&reading round-up 20/09/08

    Wow, what great weather! It’s late september but summer has finally arrived. I knew it, all those months of rain and cold have finally given way to sunshine. I understand what global warming is doing to the world now – its pushing the seasons back a few months. Its been a pretty hectic week so far, lots of updates and changes on ...

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  • Quickie Guide to Wine 10

    An introduction to my quickie guide to wine

    QGTW now reading¬†¬†¬† intro | one¬†¬†|¬†two¬†|¬†three | four | five | six | seven Wine. One of life’s simple pleasures. Like great food, wine doesn’t have to cost an arm or limb to taste great, it¬†just does. I think of wine as an artform in itself, a craft that¬†has been mastered by man, but so flexible that a multitude of styles can ...

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  • My musings 1

    Talking about the new look

    I removed the white padding around the page to give it a tighter look. Do you like it? Some of you, may have noticed the new logo, I’ve done away with the 960px by 240px banner and replaced it with a slim line 140px version. I’m going for the slicker look – hope its working out. I was mulling over this last ...

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  • My musings 3

    New stuff online

    It is friday and time to loosen those ties and go nuts. Woo. Some new upgrades going on here on londoneater, I’ve revamped the restaurant review page to add a nifty google maps feature. All thanks to Avi Alkalay for his excellent tutorial and plug-in to make it all magically work! Clicking on any of the markers will bring up the name/cuisine ...

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  • British 12

    Review: 32 Great Queen Street

    We have a shortage of good, great British restaurants. There has been so much press lately about how crap¬†British¬†food really is, but you know I wonder, is it really that bad? Everybody has heard about a certain Jamie ranting about how food in this country is the ‘new poverty’. Conversely, there has been positive¬†media on British food¬†with shows such as Great British ...

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