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  • British 5

    Retelling the story of the British cuisine at Launceston Place (Review)

    It is true british food has a bad reputation. It’s so bad even british people think so too… but not everybody. There is a growing contingent ( or I should say, one that has always been there, but just very quiet ) who know that British food is more than curry chips and fried fish. It so happens, I’m one of those ...

    On October 16, 2008 / By
  • My musings 1

    Away, away, away… I’ll be back tonight.

    Apologies guys, just let you know part 3 of the quickie wine guide is not going to be released this week, instead it’ll be published next tuesday. Since I caught the flu bug, my productivity has nose-dived like the FTSE 100. In addition, I’m in the process of shifting all my stuff to my new computer, or new platform to be more precise. ...

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  • Wine Shops 5

    Like buying fine wine in a museum at Berrys Bros & Rudd

    I love visiting wine shops, most feature these cool and creaky wooden floors. A little musky and dusty, in London the shopkeepers are almost always very cheerful and friendly. I mean, you got to be if your job is to sell not just a drink, but an experience to your customer. ...

    On October 14, 2008 / By
  • eating&reading 7

    eating&reading roundup 12th Oct 08: A summer revival

    Weekly round-up of yummi-news from around london and the blogosphere. Now released every Sunday and brought to you by a London eater  A  look back at the past week of the eating blind,  summer revival and…. ...

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  • French 14

    Seven course heaven at L’Autre Pied (Review)

    This is course number three. Seared foie gras, baby artichokes with a delicate pineapple sorbet and a salad of wild leaves. Notice the glassy looking sheet sitting on the sorbet, that’s peppered sugar. Oh yes, peppered sugar. Are you ready for this? ...

    On October 11, 2008 / By
  • London Restaurant Reviews 32

    Have you ever eaten in complete darkness?

    There are only a few places in Europe where you can find a restaurant which does this. Fortunately for us folks in London, you can experience this at Dans le Noir. No I’m not pulling your leg, this is a genuine restaurant and a very real concept. ...

    On October 10, 2008 / By
  • just food 5

    Calling all UK foodbloggers: Let’s do a UK foodbuzz meet-up

    There has been alot of talk of a UK foodblogging meet up ever since my stumble post a couple of weeks ago. Well, consider this an official shout-out to all UK foodbloggers. I know that many of my foodie pals are already on foodbuzz, and alot of you are already feature publishers. (sorry had to take off the details as per foodbuzz request) Come on ...

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  • Quickie Guide to Wine 5

    Quickie Guide to Wine part two: sniff & scoff

    QGTW now reading    intro | one  | part two | three | four | five | six | seven     Welcome back folks. Last week we talked about what the different grape varietals were and their fundamental characteristics. Did you try the Diablo Pinot or the Dr Loosen Riesling? If not, maybe I didnt entice you quite enough, if you did, then well ...

    On October 7, 2008 / By